The Importance of Entrepreneurs and Dreamers.

The Importance of Entrepreneurs

We need more of these people in Africa than any other type of person!

The importance of entrepreneurs might not be obvious, but they are, in fact, the solution to many of our economic challenges.

Successful entrepreneurs can improve their own lives and those around them.

We spend many years at school or in courses to prepare ourselves for work in the future. The unfortunate reality is that education doesn’t guarantee work. This is a mindset we need to change. If we want to make a living in the years to come we will either need to work a few jobs or, for the brave dreamers, start our own companies.

That’s what we are all about…helping the brave dreamer. South Africa has had many and we need many more. Did you know that South Africans have invented and are responsible for many wonderful things used all over the world today; examples of which include the CAT Scan, the first heart transplant, the Kreepy Krauly and even Q20.

Beyond our local inventions and comfortable push-button lifestyles, some experts believe that exposure to our technological advancements are making children smarter at younger ages. Successful business owners are getting younger. There are so many stories about teen billionaires that it has almost become a normal occurrence. It is possible; people only lack the courage and confidence.

Let us help. Book us to speak at your next event; we’ll share advice and encouragement.

What Characteristics do Entrepreneurs Share?

Have a Dream
Dream, and take action.

Passion and motivation:
Yes, no business venture would see the light of day if there is no motivation to drive you to the finish line. Equally, a level of passion should be present. When you don’t like what you do you lack that energetic enthusiasm that commonly pushes you forward.

Believe in yourself and your product/service:
If you don’t have faith in your venture your enthusiasm for it will fizzle out. Likewise, if you don’t have self-belief something as small as criticism will change your mind or bring you to give up.

Not afraid to take risks:
Business comes with risks, be prepared to take them. There’s always a chance of things going horribly wrong, but there is an equal chance of things going remarkably right.

Product and market knowledge:
You can’t sell or punt something you know nothing about.

Strong money management skills:
Not managing financials properly can lead to the death of your business.

Effective planning skills but be mindful not to over plan:
Over planning can turn into procrastination, which will leave your business venture a looming dream forever, or if planned too meticulously, may result in no flexibility for oversights and minor setback, which can then become major setbacks.

Discipline and dedication:
This is your drive-through. Without dedication or discipline nothing will materialize.

The ability to question yourself:
The most intelligent and successful people in the world keep open minds and welcome the ideology of learning from others. No one knows everything and no one is always right. Be flexible in this regard.

Have an eye for market gaps and niches:
This will always be a superpower in business. Recognize the areas in which there is room for innovation and be brave enough to pursue them.

Top Five entrepreneurs under Thirty-Five in South Africa.

Vusi Thembekwayo:

Vusi is a thirty-three year old world renowned South African entrepreneur, public speaker and venture capitalist from Benoni. Vusi realized his talent of public speaking at the young age of seventeen and has grown into a successful businessman since. He was part of a DSTV show in which new entrepreneurs ask successful businesspeople to invest in their businesses and Vusi has invested in several. His net worth is currently unknown but speculation, based on his business activities, suggests that he earns a phenomenal income and is worth a lot.

Allegro Dinkwanyane:

Allegro is a young successful businesswoman in her late twenties. She is the founder of Orgella Media, which originally started off as an entertainment blog but which evolved into a public relations, charity and property division and is now known as Orgella Media. She started her blog in university as a class projects but her teacher was so impressed with it that she was encouraged to keep it going. Allegro is excited about her achievements and says there are still lots to do.

Wesley Beneke:

Wesley is a twenty-nine year old entrepreneur and founder of WCB Construction. He employs a staff of forty but has over 150 contract staff. Some of his clients include the Western Cape Government and the South African Road Agency. He currently holds deals worth twelve-million dollars. He was also featured on the Under 30 Business feature in Forbes Africa.

Ashley-Juan van der Hoogen:

A.J. is a twenty-eight year old businessman. His companies are called Ranzo Trading and Olbro Logistics, and he holds the position of business development director. He was also featured as one of the top 40 young entrepreneurs mentored by Vusi Thembekwayo. Additionally AJ is a strategic business partner to several other businesses, one of which holds 150 staff. Ranzo grew to a fleet of fifteen trucks in 2017, to which he then joined Olbro Logistics (PTY) Ltd as a business development director and shareholder.

Andrew Hector McKay:

Andrew is a thirty-four year old entrepreneur and founder of Andrew Hector Interiors. He is from Port Elizabeth, which he left the moment he became qualified as an accountant. After spending some time in Johannesburg based employment, he decided to follow his passion and take an interior design course, to which he quickly found an opportunity to decorate an apartment in Dubai, which shifted his ambition forward. He also got involved in a charity program called Seeds of Hope and enjoys helping owners in SME situations.

Top five entrepreneurs under thirty-five in South Africa

Top Three Entrepreneurs under Thirty-Five in Africa.

Bomai Namata:

Bomai is a 26 year-old businessman from Cameroon. He is the founder of Maibeta, which is a network in which qualified technicians can be found and hired to assist in your hour of need. Bomai said in an interview that he aims to employ over 500 000 Africans through Maibeta. His innovation has led him to be successful in business, and this year he featured on the Forbes “30 under 30” list.

Abraham Omani Quaye:

Abraham is a 28 year-old businessman from Ghana. This entrepreneur came up with an innovation that directly helps an issue that effects food distribution in Ghana. Farmart is an online supplier of food distribution and works with farmers in the area. Framers across Africa suffer a lack of access to markets, which end in big post-harvest losses. It has been estimated that 30% of food in sub-Saharan Africa and 1.3 billion tons globally end up in the bin. Farmart is much like an online farmers market and connects farmers to households, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets. Consumers order from Farmart, Farmart delivers and a gap is filled. They have over 200 farmers under their belt already and their biggest challenge at the moment is logistics.

Nomvula Mhambi:

Nomvula is 29 year-old businesswoman from Zimbabwe and founder of Disruptive Innovation. When she could not get to university due to economic and political challenges, Nomvula started her own catering and events management business. She was invited to assist a concert in which Akon and Sean Paul performed and that opened up the way. She also runs a hair and nail salon and sells button and oyster mushrooms to supermarkets and sells over 1000 trays each week. She employs 25 staff full time, 12 part-time and this year also featured on the Forbes “30 under 30” list.