About Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline is an Entrepreneur, published Author and founder of SA Online, a web-based service provider, offering quality services in one way or another via the Internet; either through own boutique web company or venture partners. He is an expert in Innovation, IoT, Technology Trends, Disruptive Technology, Innovation Technology, Sustainable Green Technology, Future Proofing, Cyber Security, Internet and Social media, Virtual and Augmented reality and Green technology. Born in 1983 to a large family, raised in Cape Town, started own company at the age of 16 and invoiced first million by age 19. Since then Jean-Pierre has worked on many projects covering no less than 300 types of industries in one way or another, travelled to over 35 cities world-wide, has a keen interest on businesses in Africa and absolutely loves the benefits of smart technology solutions. Jean-Pierre’s skillset are self-taught, and led to millions in sales off the internet. The majority of ventures he has been involved with have either dominated or held a monopoly on the web. He operates his own company, has a private consultancy, writes, researches, and works with select clients and projects in which he shares his expertise. He is a Future Thinker.

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